MIND/GAME: The Unquiet Journey of Chamique Holdsclaw

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From the rough-edged courts of Astoria, Queens and recruited by Coach Pat Summitt for the University of Tennessee’s Lady Vols, Chamique Holdsclaw was hailed as the “female Michael Jordan,” impressing crowds with her artistry, athleticism and drive.  A 3-time NCAA champ and Number One draft pick in the WNBA, Holdsclaw seemed destined for a spectacular professional career—until her long-suppressed battle with mental disorders threatened to derail her life.

Mind/Game intimately chronicles Holdsclaw’s athletic accomplishments and personal setbacks, and her decision, despite public stigma, to become an outspoken mental health advocate. Still, she would face dramatic, unexpected challenges to her own recovery.  The film, narrated by Glenn Close, presents a powerful and enlightening story of someone in the grips of mental illness.

Mind/Game is terrific … a remarkable and important film.”
– Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

“A must-see for anyone who cares about mental health and suicide prevention, especially among our youth.”
– Alison Malmon, Executive Director and Founder of Active Minds, Inc.

“This film has all the essential ingredients needed to put a face on mental illness.  Viewing the film benefits people from all ethnic and cultural communities … It can make a huge difference in reducing mental health stigma and discrimination.”
– Gigi Crowder, LE, Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services, Ethnic Services Manager