Press for MIND/GAME

PRESS for Mind/Game:

The Pulse podcast from Accessible Media, Inc.: Interview with Director Rick Goldsmith – 5/15/18

Columbia Dispatch: Chamique Holdsclaw documentary focuses on former WNBA star’s mental illness journey – 3/28/2018

Belmont University: Chamique encourages students to “Play like a girl” – 2/19/2018

Finding a Way to Play: Chamique belongs in the WBHOF – 1/23/2018

The Millersville Snapper: Chamique and Rick visit Millersville University – 11/16/2017

Lancaster Online: Inspirational Athletes with Chamique Holdsclaw and Rick Goldsmith – 11/10/2017

Augusta Free Press – Street Knowledge with Chris Graham: Rick Goldsmith (Podcast) – 10/20/2017

Chicago Tribune: Chamique Holdsclaw and other celebrities speak out – 4/25/2017

The News-Gazette: Interview with Rick Goldsmith at the Ebertfest – 4/23/2017

ROGEREBERT.COM: Stars, Music, Movies and Compassion Converge – 4/14/2017

USA Today: Chamique Holdsclaw makes impact as advocate for mental health – 4/14/2017

Ebertfest’s Matt Fagerholm reviews MIND/GAME – 3/23/2017

Kennebec Journal: “For basketball star Chamique Holdsclaw, mental health a topic to take seriously” – 2/2/2017

Excelle Sports: “Chamique Holdsclaw is changing the way we talk about mental health” – 11/28/2016

AUDIO:  Connections with Evan Dawson interviews Chamique Holdsclaw and representatives of NAMI Rochester – 10/17/2016

Knoxville News Sentinel: “Chamique Holdsclaw’s film continues to inspire” – 10/8/2016

VIDEO: Former WNBA Star uses personal bout to fight mental illness stigma on NY1 – 10/5/2016

VIDEO: “Lady Vol’s mental illness journey on film” on WBIR – 10/3/2016

VIDEO: WNBA Legend subject of new movie; Rick and Chamique on WBIR – 10/3/2016

The Hartford Courant: “Chamique Holdsclaw Speaks At UConn About Depression, Mental Health” – 9/28/2016

VIDEO: U.S. Department of Labor presents MIND/GAME to commemorate anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act – 9/8/2016

MIND/GAME offers Video Description from Fred’s Head – 9/1/2016

Chamique shares her journey with a mental health condition for the U.S. Department of Labor – 8/11/2016

“Basketball star scores against stigma” in bp Magazine – 7/22/2016

AUDIO: Chamique and MIND/GAME on Georgia Public Broadcasting – 7/21/2016

USA Today: Chamique Holdsclaw has a new mission outside of basketball – 5/4/2016

American Psychological Association reviews MIND/GAME – 5/2/2016

Playback:stl reviews MIND/GAME – 5/2/2016

VIDEO: Positively Black’s Tracie Strahan sits down with Chamique Holdsclaw to talk about her WNBA career and tackling mental illness – 5/1/2016

AUDIO: Rick and Chamique talk with Bill Rhoden for CBS Sports – 4/28/2016

The Daily Press on MIND/GAME – 4/20/2016

AUDIO: Chamique on NPR’s Weekend Edition with Michel Martin – 4/3/2016

AUDIO: Rick Goldsmith on “The Conversation” for Hawaii Public Radio – 2/29/2016

REVIEW: Library Journal on MIND/GAME – 2/1/2016

AUDIO: Dave Zirin of Edge of Sports interviews Chamique – 12/24/2015

The Carter Center Blog: MIND/GAME’s special screening – 12/07/2015

espnW reviews MIND/GAME – 11/27/2015

MIND/GAME wins Audience Award at Gold Coast – 11/18/2015

Chamique’s story on CNN Impact Your World – 10/29/2015

VIDEO: WATE Knoxville talks with Chamique about MIND/GAME after Disability Employment Awareness event – 10/28/2015

The Student Press covers Chamique’s screening of MIND/GAME at University of Albany – 10/6/2015

AfterEllen interviews Chamique about opening her life up to cameras – 10/1/2015

Chamique discusses the film with Georgia Voice – 10/1/2015

Chamique at the Knoxville Film Festival in the Knoxville News Sentinel – 9/22/2015

AUDIO: Chamique on Adversity 2 Advocacy with Jeff Bell – 9/6/2015

Rick reveals “The Dark Side of Hoop Dreams” to The East Bay Monthly – July 2015

AUDIO: Kris Welch interviews Rick Goldsmith (scrub to 44:45) – KPFA, “The Living Room,” June 2015

Frameline film festival tackles sports, San Francisco Chronicle – June 2015

David Lewis of the SF Chronicle reviews Mind/Game – June 2015

AUDIO: Dave Zirin interviews Chamique on “The Collision” – 4/2/2015 (Starts about 35:10)

AUDIO: Chamique on NBA Hang Time Podcast with Sekou Smith – 3/31/2015

Chaz Ebert backs MIND/GAME – 03/31/2015

Completion of MIND/GAME featured in “Shadow and Act” on Indiewire – 03/31/2015

Revealing interview with Rick Goldsmith for BUZZFLASH – 03/23/2015

SLAM Magazine article on Chamique and MIND/GAME – 07/03/2014

Indiewire article on upcoming MIND/GAME – 10/16/2013

Shout-out to MIND/GAME from Children’s Mental Health Network – October 2013