Mind/Game Testimonials

“Terrific…a remarkable and important film.” — Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, foremost expert on bipolar disorder, author, “The Unquiet Mind”

“In Mind/Game, Chamique’s journey toward self-understanding, acceptance, and recovery is portrayed with empathy, honesty, and anticipation…. At its heart, the video is about the power of mental illness stigma… [It] will be useful in any public discussion of mental health issues, in college classrooms, and as part of support programs for young athletes. – Reviewed by Jeanne Funk Brockmyer in PsycCRITIQUES

“A must-see for anyone who cares about mental health and suicide prevention, especially among our youth.” –Alison Malmon, Executive Director and Founder of Active Minds, Inc.


“Chamique’s voice shatters the silence of stigma that prevents those suffering from reaching out to seek the treatment and recovery that is possible.” — Richard Lieberman, Psychologist, Los Angeles County Suicide Prevention Network

“Mind/Game is an accurate and vivid portrayal of the unique challenges that athletes face when they have a mental health condition. Mind/Game opens the door to further exploration, dialogue, and resolution strategies for athletes with psychological health concerns, and can facilitate the development of proactive psychological resources for athletes and the overall sport culture.” — Chris Carr, Ph.D., Sport & Performance Psychologist, St. Vincent Sports Performance

“A powerful film that destigmatizes mental health issues, so young athletes feel free and empowered to ask for help without fear of being seen as weak.” –Jim Thompson, Founder/CEO, Positive Coaching Alliance


“This film has all the essential ingredients needed to put a face on mental illness. Viewing the film benefits people from all ethnic and cultural communities…. It can make a huge difference in reducing mental health stigma and discrimination.” – Gigi Crowder, LE, Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services, Ethnic Services Manager

“Mind/Game is at once a particular and deeply personal story and a vehicle that addresses more universal issues on multiple levels—personal, social, cultural, institutional. The film is both one woman’s story and a catalyst for change.” – John Emmons, LMFT, The Psychotherapy Institute, Berkeley, CA

“Mind/Game brings awareness to mental illness, the importance of speaking up, and lets people know that they are not alone. A beautiful film.” — John MacPhee, Executive Director/CEO, The Jed Foundation

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