In love and solidarity with Orlando


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“It takes that one person that you see living their lives that gives you the confidence to truly be who you are.” -Chamique Holdsclaw

In light of all that has happened in over the past month, it is important to acknowledge the people who provide positive examples of love, light, strength and perseverance.

Last week at its 3rd annual Trailblazer Honors event, LOGO paid tribute to the victims of the Pulse shooting in Orlando and honored several champions of equality for the LGBT community–among them, legendary athlete Billie Jean King and actor Harvey Fierstein.

Chamique Holdsclaw was also present at the awards, with her fiance, Cara Wright, who we have enjoyed getting to know.

We are proud of and grateful to Chamique for all that she has accomplished and all that she has shared with us and the rest of the world on her personal journey, as both a mental health advocate and increasingly vocal LGBT rights spokesperson.

Congratulations for being a wonderful role model in so many ways and best wishes to you and Cara for a wonderful life together.

Our thoughts are with Orlando, the LGBT community, and the mental health community. Thank you to the many friends, family members, and mental health professionals taking care of those who are suffering and helping them find their paths to healing.

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